SystemApp Remover

SystemApp Remover v4.0

This allows you to UNINSTALL (not just delete) regular & stock/system apps.
ROOT is REQUIRED for uninstalling SYSTEM apps
ROOT is NOT REQUIRED for uninstalling REGULAR apps
If any issues, email me instead of posting a negative comment.
Busybox (Menu -> BusyBox On)
New – Backup/Restore Apps.
If system apps not listed, uninstall / reinstall.
Enable/Disable apps
When tapping on a system app, choose other
Enable = package is enabled (aka default)
Disable = package is disabled, never gets called on
Useful for things like twlauncher where an app is never used but the os is not functional without.
If root is not found, don’t panic. Google something like
“<insert phone model here> + root”
Fixed the force close. Confirmed by Alexander (Thanks a bunch)
Adds status indicator :
1. When in listview, apps state is shown
2. When other is pressed, depending on app status, appropriate enable/disable is shown.
Added assist mode
When viewing system apps and
Menu -> Assist is pressed
Apps are highlighted according to their criticality
Red : This app is critical
Yellow : This app could be critical
Green : This app is probably safe

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